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"I feel very fortunate to have had Mr. Dan Duddy speak to our student body. As the drug and alcohol counselor at Toms River North HS for over three decades, I would say that


Dan was the most impactful speaker we ever had at one of our assemblies.


I knew what the presentation was about, but Dan's message goes beyond a mere "Don't drink and drive!".  He goes into reaching goals, removing obstacles and overcoming suicide and depression. His many years of coaching makes him a very effective motivator. It is a very powerful, emotional and important  presentation."


- James Patten SAC Toms River HS North.

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"I’ve had the privilege of hearing Dan Duddy speak on more than one occasion, and I can say he definitely commands the full attention of his audience.  When he spoke on Professional Day at Brick Memorial High School, you could literally hear a pin drop in the packed auditorium.  I would describe his talks as inspirational life stories delivered with wisdom, humor and gut-wrenching honesty.  He takes his audience on a spiritual roller coaster ride of emotions, from amusement and joy to fear and sadness.  When you are spit out onto the straightaway and the ride comes to an end, you take a deep breath, sit still for a moment and contemplate what really matters in our complicated lives.  And you thank God for the many blessings that surround us."

- Laura D. (Faculty Member in Audience of District Wide School Year Kickoff)

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Dan Duddy is a motivational speaker who counsels students, educators, coaches, business leaders, religious groups, and athletic teams.  Dan inspires a strong inner core for overcoming life's challenges in sports, faith, family, and mentoring...

"Dan knows how to build 'team'

by speaking into people's hearts.  I witnessed this firsthand.  His powerful inspiration comes from joy and excitement."

- Mr. Tom Farrell, Superintendent of Brick Township Schools


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"Dan was the Home Run."


"We cannot stop thinking about him and the impact Dan has made on us adults as well as the youngsters.  We were so honored to have him speak here in Kansas City."

 - Mike Sweeney, Kansas City Royals Hall-of-Famer

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