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Dan is a motivational speaker who counsels educators, coaches, business leaders, religious groups, and athletic teams. Dan inspires a strong inner core for overcoming life's challenges in sports, faith, family, and mentoring.

Dan Duddy has been married for 36 years and is the father of 8 children. For 39 years, Dan was a special education teacher, coach of multiple sports, and student advisor. He is known as a passionate speaker who brings an engaging sense of humor to both religious and secular audiences. 

"Dan has the ability to


He is truly a quiet hero who walks his talk."


- ED AGRESTA (author)



"I have been “around the block” of the dark times of having gone astray, and to the return to the light. Through the miraculously generous feedback of others, I have come to realize that “passion,” “energy,” and “messenger” are personality traits, hence callings of mine, and that calling must be answered with a voice and action.


I have a responsibility to inspire others to have a voice themselves. I encourage others to go into the silence and listen to their own hearts in order to become aware of the virtuous principles and vast potentials that live within, and become organized in those principles that make you, “you.” I stand next to you on a mission to amplify and activate that voice for and with you.  


It has become my mission to INTENTIONALLY speak firmly into the hearts of those in earshot, in order to bring to them a profound understanding that each of us is called to live in fulfillment to inspire an exclaiming voice that unites our wills with His, and that we become INTENTIONALLY alive like never before. I want people to become alive in the rich God-given integrity of their respective callings, and I want to LIVE it with you whether you are a CEO, a business, teacher, faculty, student, school, coach, athlete, team, parent or family.


Our successes will leap forward when these truths are revealed together."

- Dan Duddy

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