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"Dan Duddy is the epitome of what a coach should be.  He motivates, inspires and challenges those in his charge to be better.  Dan has the great ability to to take his coaching gifts and bring them to his speaking audiences.  Whether it is a school, retreat or conference, Dan delivers on game day.  I have watched with great admiration his ability to bring the “locker room,” as he calls it, to those he is tasked with sharing his witness. As with any great coach and speaker, Dan shares his many experiences with sports, people, and his faith to the enjoyment and encouragement of all in his hearing. I highly recommend Dan for your next speaker series, guest lecturer, retreat or conference keynote address."


- Mark Houck, Founder of The King’s Men, Inc.

"Dan Duddy was my high school football coach and made a major impact on me at an early age. To this day I still remember his teachings both on and off the field which helped me evolve into an accountable young man through college, in the professional world, and ultimately into starting and growing my own small business. He instilled in me the importance of a strong work ethic, showing resiliency in the face of fear and doubt, and always following through on my word no matter what. I attribute much of what I teach my own students to what I learned from Coach Duddy.


One thing I’ll always remember is that every day jogging out to practice Coach Duddy would yell ‘Let’s go to Work, Let’s get Better!’ It makes total sense… no matter what you’re involved in - coaching, sales, marketing, leadership, etc; strive to be better today than you were yesterday. Without hesitation I’d recommend Coach Dan Duddy as his actions and words still inspire me to this day to live with passion and positively impact others around me."


- Brent Grablachoff, Owner & Head Coach of Kicking World

"I have gotten to know Dan on a few different levels, including as a coach, friend, but most importantly, as a mentor. I first met him when I joined his football team in high school. I was immediately captivated by the charismatic leadership that he brought to the program and the principles and virtues he instilled in all of his players. His style of mentorship puts emphasis on self-discovery, personal responsibility, and commitment.


Many of the core values I developed under his mentorship as a teenager are still prevalent in my life today. I feel blessed that our paths crossed and fortunate to be one of the many people that he has had a lasting impact on."

- Angelo Disalvo, Ex-player, co-founder of young men's group with Coach Duddy, “The Sword and Thunder”

I first saw Dan Duddy while attending a men’s rally some years ago. After our two circles connected, I quickly learned of his very ardent desire to shape and mentor Catholic young men.  His passionate presentation keeps you on the edge of your seat as a powerful and authentic witness!  


His patriarchal viewpoints are very much relatable to me as a father of two sons.  Whenever I invite my oldest son to men’s retreats he always asks, “Will Mr. Duddy be there?”  This is followed up by a very enthusiastic, “I’m there!”  As a lacrosse player and Catholic teen, he admires Mr. Duddy’s qualities and looks up to him as a role model. 

When it comes to teaching men from the trenches of real-life fatherhood and the Catholic Faith, Dan Duddy is at the forefront!  Thanks Coach!


- Dan Donlon, Director of Communications St. Mary’s Barnegat,

That Man Is You! Core Team Leader,

and Retired Police Officer

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