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"Dan has been at the top of my list for impactful school speakers for as long as I have been a Student Assistance Counselor.  We have often brought him in to speak to our students and parents on issues of character, family, responsibility, impaired driving, and surviving and growing from personal tragedy, to name a few topics he touched on powerfully.  I believe he reaches those he speaks to on a deeper level than your average speaker, and consequently has a more lasting impact.  Additionally, Dan has always shown a willingness to open himself to those who hear him speak and inevitably feel the need to connect with him.  He has a big open heart with a lot to offer the communities he touches.  I would highly recommend him as a pre-prom speaker, or for his assistance in any other character-building or mentoring initiative."


- David Rivera, MA, SAC, LAC, Manchester Township High School, Student Assistance Coordinator

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"Dan is a remarkable person who has dedicated his life to helping others to be the best person they can be.  I have attended many of Dan’s speaking engagements. I have seen his audience laugh until their sides hurt, leave with a genuine appreciation of his message, and be moved to the point of tears. 


Dan never disappoints.  Dan manages to weave humor, pathos, and inspiration into his moving talks.  I have seen him in large venues where his gifts make each individual feel that he is talking just to them.  He manages to reach his audience viscerally. There is always an appreciative buzz emanating from the  audience at the conclusion of his talks. 


While his gifts as a speaker are well known, it is his passion that sets him apart from others. He motivates others, prompts personal reflection, offers the gift of laughter, and elevates through his message."

- Kevin Campbell, Middle School Principal

Dan offers a wide variety of topics that can be both secular for public schools and spiritual for the private Christian schools as well as a specific set of topics for student athletes.  Dan lost his nineteen year old son six years ago in a drunk driving accident where his son's friend was the driver.  Dan has been able to use his story as a precautionary tale for pre-prom drinking and driving speaking events in a nontraditional, passionate, and inspiring way.

"Dan, once again you have come and left leaving an indelible impact on our staff and students. We realize revisiting this event in your life must be terribly draining and difficult, yet in the interest of education and care for fellow human beings, you persevere. We appreciate it.  Many staff have relayed feedback that they witnessed visible emotion as the students left the presentation. It is not only due to the content of your story, but your talent in telling it."

- Susan Lamela, Student Assistance Coordinator, Barnegat High School

Dan's 40 years of employment in education as a teacher, coach, and guidance counselor has given him a deep understanding of what it means to teach to the hearts of the students, not just the minds.  From that, Dan has been able to develop a number of speaking topics specifically designed for inspiring faculty and enriching the lives of both teachers and through them, their students.

Other topics include remaining strong in the storm of high school peer relations, self-awareness, and college, the importance of community, ritual, tradition, and virtues in having a successful athletic career for self, team and family and bringing Christ to sports, now and forever, because the post-high school athlete is right around the corner. Who are you now? Who will Jesus say you are when sports are over?  

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"Dan’s words really hit home and made a personal impact on me. It is always great to hear a different perspective from someone who has endured and seen so much. Dan speaks from a platform and style that is off the beaten path.  I learned that the opponent is always your teacher, your ego is your enemy, and to 'be where your feet are,' that is to live in the moment with your potential client.  He also stressed that you must build a launch pad, and it needs to be founded upon genuine service and pride in where you come from, all while building a legacy of enhancing the lives of those around you.  What also inspired me was when he said, 'There is a reason that the sun goes down, it happens so you can assess whether or not you have made yourself exhausted,' and the sun rises so you can apply the most important rule of all, 'go kick some butt.'"


- Matt Betz, Sales Executive (ADP) 



Dan has truly found a way to inspire business professionals with his speaking engagements about applying basic high school football fundamentals for building businesses in a unique locker room style  that not only motivates, but builds team and launches all into inspired service for a greater good and a refreshing culture, which has shown proven results of increased sales and profits for those professionals and the businesses as a whole.  

"As a high school football player in the early 1990s, I had the great fortune of being coached by Dan Duddy.  In the summer of 1994, Coach Duddy painted the words “We Will” on a piece of plywood and hung it in our locker room.  Unbeknownst to him at the time, those two words would have a profound impact far reaching beyond the players that he coached.  Each player tapped that sign every time they entered and exited the locker room, which became a tradition that lasted for over two decades. 


The “We Will” mantra is simple, cogent and powerful.  It’s phonetical, easily digestible, and easily repeatable.  It represents teamwork and resolve.  “We Will” perfectly summarizes Aristotle’s quote; “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  I was personally deeply influenced by the depths of the mantra as a high school football player, as was our team, which the year it was introduced to us, our team succeeded in becoming the runner-up in the state championship game. 


Nearly 20 years later, I introduced the “We Will” mantra to a tech company that I founded and later sold for $33 million.  The “We Will” mantra was introduced and fully adopted by our employees.  They had created custom shirts, stickers, signs, and more with the words “We Will” written on them.  As a tech company, for many of our employees, this was their first introduction to being on a “team” and working towards a common goal.  For others, it was nostalgic and a reminder of their playing days with teammates.   


The “We Will” concept especially when presented by Dan himself, is explosive and draws people back to the fundamentals that everyone should give to something greater than themselves, with the knowledge that by doing so with trust in each other, there is no ceiling to our potential together. Dan speaks to this in a unique, passionate and penetrating way. I encourage you to invite Dan to your business to pass on the “We Will” mantra to your team!"


- Jay Gould, Entrepreneur and Investor

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"Dan Duddy was my high school football coach and made a major impact on me at an early age. To this day I still remember his teachings both on and off the field which helped me evolve into an accountable young man through college, in the professional world, and ultimately into starting and growing my own small business. He instilled in me the importance of a strong work ethic, showing resiliency in the face of fear and doubt, and always following through on my word no matter what. I attribute much of what I teach my own students to what I learned from Coach Duddy.


One thing I’ll always remember is that every day jogging out to practice Coach Duddy would yell ‘Let’s go to Work, Let’s get Better!’ It makes total sense… no matter what you’re involved in - coaching, sales, marketing, leadership, etc.; strive to be better today than you were yesterday. Without hesitation I’d recommend Coach Dan Duddy as his actions and words still inspire me to this day to live with passion and positively impact others around me."


- Brent Grablachoff, Owner &

Head Coach of Kicking World

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"In a world that is sorely lacking direction, I have found a beacon of light and sanity shining through.  That light is Dan Duddy.  A man of vast experience as a coach, mentor and counselor leading and developing the characters of men, both young and old who he has come in contact with.  I count myself fortunate to be one of those men.  He leads by example and teaches from experience.  The example he sets for those he comes in contact with is one of integrity and faith, walking the walk not just talking the talk.  He knows through experience the pain of loss, which often crushes and reduces…but in Dan’s case strengthened and fortified his faith and purpose in life.  He speaks from the heart, with passion.  His ability to connect with and impart wisdom in a down to earth, easy to understand manner to his audiences is amazing.  I have witnessed audiences riveted by his humor, his common sense, and willingness to reveal painful and personal stories.  He challenges and encourages at the same time.  I have witnessed, often in person his presentations to groups ranging from high school classes to mature guys like myself.  As a person who spent twenty five years in special operations and intelligence services, often in combat and in dangerous settings I am not easily impressed by many people. Dan is one of the few who have."

- Jim Mulvihill

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“'Captivating, Evoking, Emotional, Heartfelt, Honest, Spiritual' these are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Dan Duddy. 


Dan spoke to an audience of almost three hundred, both lay and religious, a pin could be heard if dropped.  He captured the audience from the beginning with his honesty and his shared emotions. 


Dan was well into his talk when the silence of the room was so noticeable; as I turned and surveyed the audience (no one was sleeping) all eyes were fixed on Dan. 


People were mesmerized, some with tears in their eyes, expressions of deep thought and concern. 


Dan has the ability to have his audience relate to words and internalize the experience into their own lives."

- Denise Marcell, President

St. Barnabas Rosary Altar Society

Dan offers a wide variety of speaking topics designed specifically for Men's Groups, Women's Groups, Youth Groups, and audiences of all ages. 


Thank you very much for “Shining” your light here to us today. I so appreciate you changing your schedule to speak to us. You are an inspiring and encouraging speaker and we are grateful to you. May God continue to bless you in your very important ministry."

-In Christ, Irene Kutner and The Saint Mary’s Mom’s Group


Additionally, Dan offers 3-hour, half day, and full day presentations for spiritual retreats of all ages.  

Dan Duddy is a very unique and passionate man of faith and principle whose life is dedicated to walking with all who seek to discover God’s personal plan for their lives,  that all in and beyond the community of faith may walk closer to each other and the Lord.  


Dan’s words, passion and compassion, voice and dedication speak volumes about his  life’s commitment  to help all those he encounters to learn and live Catholic Christian vision and values of Life!

Dan’s  presentations are moving, compelling and life-changing.  Come and see for yourselves!  You’ll be the better for it. 

      - Monsignor. Michael T. Mannion, STL, MA, Author, Lecturer,

Police Chaplain, Camden, NJ 

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"I first met coach Dan Duddy when I was 10 or 11 years old at the shores best camp in which he organized and ran. Reflecting back on my football career I vividly remember this camp and just remember competing as a young kid and remembering the impression I first got from Coach Duddy. He was a leader. Even at a young age I was able to recognize who was a leader and a man and who was there because they had to be. Coach Duddy made such an impression on me during that camp, which ultimately led me to decide to go play football for him at Monsignor Donovan. He may or may not realize or know this, but he taught me more about being a man and being a leader and what it takes to succeed and to stand out more so than X's and O's. But which ultimately led me in what I believe to be, a successful football career. I learned in college very early that talent alone was not going to carry me to where I wanted to be. I realized very quickly I was not going to walk in and start right away and I was not going to demand touches and playing time because I was just there. I had go back to my roots and I had to reflect on how I got here and what I learned from Coach Duddy in high school. To work, to compete, and to have grit. Coach Duddy instilled that in me and in his players in High school. I believe to this day that playing football under coach Dan Duddy and attending Monsignor Donovan was one of the best decisions in my life, and of which helped me immensely in gearing me for college football. I think HS coaches now focus too much on the schemes, the flash, it’s all about “me” mentality.  But when it comes down to it, it's all about playing for one another, developing a bond with your teammates and coaches and having that grit factor. High school football I believe has lost touch with this and is now focused on things that will not carry with you after football and will not make you a better man. Coach Duddy from the moment I stepped foot on that HS campus, very obviously focused on leadership, developing young men, and mental toughness. Things that will help you for the rest of your life."


- Vincent Grasso, ex-Monmouth University standout football player and current Monmouth Asst. Coach

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"Fifteen years ago I first heard about Dan Duddy, or rather, "Coach" Duddy, from my son, Kevin, then a freshman on Dan's football team. 


As the season unfolded, I heard from Kevin about Dan's great locker room speeches (the content of which remain sacrosanct to this day), and witnessed a much more purposeful and determined demeanor in my son.


Dan emphasized moral excellence, as that virtue would benefit every area of one's life. The inspirational mentoring and coaching that Kevin received from Dan helped form him into the man he has become, one who has explored nearly 80 countries and worked in several, across four continents.


Since Kevin's high school years I have had the good fortune to experience several of Dan's inspirational and task-oriented presentations--given to a wide variety of audiences--and know of more than a few lives that came away transformed for the better--including mine.


If you have the opportunity to experience Dan's inspirational message, then take it; if you don't, then make it!" 


- Tom Caffrey, Author of A Boy For All Seasons, But A Man...?

Our one-on-one enrichment coaching is arranged on a variety of topics and is customized for each individual based on his/her individual needs.  We offer both half-hour and one hour meetings on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule.

These meetings can be held in person, virtually, or a mixture of the two based on the needs and location of each individual.


Our one-on-one enrichment coaching is geared toward individuals ages 14 through 25 but can be tailored for individuals over the age of 25 as well. 


Often times, having a third-party to discuss the development of dreams and goals, overcoming the challenges to such, and/or having a coach to inspire and keep focused are vital, especially during those high school, college, and post college years.

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