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We Will Side by Side - white.png
We Will Side by Side.png
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- are born to create, to be real, and truly live .
- underlined to emphasize all the “WE”’s in our lives,
Family, Business, Team
- the Individual conjoins his will with the will of others and God.
- above all, the period means “It is done.” The will is executed with extreme convictions.
- the antidote to doubt and compromise.
NEVER to be, “Will We?”

"As a high school football player in the early 1990s, I had the great fortune of being coached by Dan Duddy.  In the summer of 1994, Coach Duddy painted the words “We Will” on a piece of plywood and hung it in our locker room.  Unbeknownst to him at the time, those two words would have a profound impact far reaching beyond the players that he coached.  Each player tapped that sign every time they entered and exited the locker room, which became a tradition that lasted for over two decades. 


The “We Will” mantra is simple, cogent and powerful.  It’s phonetical, easily digestible, and easily repeatable.  It represents teamwork and resolve.  “We Will” perfectly summarizes Aristotle’s quote; “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  I was personally deeply influenced by the depths of the mantra as a high school football player, as was our team, which the year it was introduced to us, our team succeeded in becoming the runner-up in the state championship game. 


Nearly 20 years later, I introduced the “We Will” mantra to a tech company that I founded and later sold for $33 million.  The “We Will” mantra was introduced and fully adopted by our employees.  They had created custom shirts, stickers, signs, and more with the words “We Will” written on them.  As a tech company, for many of our employees, this was their first introduction to being on a “team” and working towards a common goal.  For others, it was nostalgic and a reminder of their playing days with teammates.   


The “We Will” concept especially when presented by Dan himself, is explosive and draws people back to the fundamentals that everyone should give to something greater than themselves, with the knowledge that by doing so with trust in each other, there is no ceiling to our potential together. Dan speaks to this in a unique, passionate and penetrating way. I encourage you to invite Dan to your business to pass on the “We Will” mantra to your team!"


- Jay Gould, Entrepreneur and Investor

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